In every noise lies a whole world.
And in any world lies a melody.

As long as you live, there’s a heartbeat, a breath, your mouth is drying, your hair are growing.
Here are proofs you're alive.
You are brought up by them.
Get that sound stronger that makes it music.
It is the existence of someone, his warmth.
And I received so much through music, that’s why now I'll try to give a bit of that, if I can.
My name is Kodama, thank you for your coming!

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  • First single "Higuruma" now on sale!!
    • First single "Higuruma" now on sale!!
    • Nov 03, 2013
    • I have the great pleasure to announce you that my first original song “Higuruma” is now on sale on several music platforms!!! Aheyyyaaa!!

  • Higuruma
    • Higuruma
    • Oct 15, 2013
    • The solar wheel. In japan that's how the sunflowers are called. Summer 2012, I was travelling in an unknown japan.

  • The sound
    • The sound
    • Jul 12, 2013
    • There is no other boundaries but that of consciousness, and beyond this limit extends indefinitely the whole universe.

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