• Opening of the Website!
Jul 26, 2013

I’m only a little egg still unhatched that I yet have the immense honour to possess my own website… And that’s all thanks to the enormous generosity and availability of the developer of this website: the inestimable Benjamin Wilmet. It appears natural that my first words goes about my gratitude to him for all that time and energy he dedicates to the building of these pages!

Thanks for the faith and the support which are most precious to me.

Anyway, I wish you guys welcome aboard Kodama.be! You will be able to find at one place all the newest topics and activities of Kodama; to bear my pointless long-winded speech about this and that; to consult some of the very place to be in here and elsewhere and – if you want to – talk a bit around a binary drinks here as any facebook, soundcloud and any other pages!! I deeply hope to be able to share with you a little surreal through my works!!

On occasion of the opening of the website, I leave you guys a little cover song of “The Korgis” in the “music” section! It’s the one I talked about in an anterior article.

So see you very soon!!