• Higuruma
Oct 15, 2013



The solar wheel. In japan that's how the sunflowers are called.
Summer 2012, I was travelling in an unknown japan.
Where reigned its own sun, its own sky, its own melody and fragrances.
This travel in the heart of the sunflower’s season got me closer to something archaic.
And as the unspeakable needs another form of expression, this song talking about the uniqueness of a moment and faces around appeared.
This would be the first of my own song I share to you, and now I hope that I could share some of the miracles I felt through it!

A limitless thank to Benji, director of the video.
And to Yuriko, Hana, Adili and Brian for their participation and help.
To them, to my family, and so many more for giving me the inspiration.