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May 17, 2013

Crazy - Gnarls Barkley - Cover

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I remember that this song haunted my mind for months. I wanted to bring in it a jazzy touch, and it was a real fight, I let you tell me how the result sounds :)
I spent some awsome time making the video clip with Benjamin, the recording was so fun!

May 03, 2013

Skinny love - Birdy - Cover

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Is it a shame to cover a cover? :p

Artwork from my invaluable Benji, visual producer ;)

Would had been so nice to recod it there... But you know money issues! ;)

In the memories of the victims from the tsunami.

May 03, 2013

E.T. - Katy Perry - Cover

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This song totally blow me when it was released.
I really wanted to make a piano cover.
So sorry for the bad audio quality.