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This one was use as the theme song of Michel Gondry’s movie : “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” The length of the title of both song and movie aside, this choice feels actually pretty right. It is a track melancholic and hopeful at the same time, it appears to me like a stubborn light within the deepest and coldest darkness. Just as the movie is.

It was a truly big time I’ve had working on this song just incredibly vast of potential. As my version is certainly not as good as the original, I still hope you’ll enjoy it. All thanks to you!

Covers set


Here is a cover from the japanese anime "Ghost in the Shell".
The composer from the original soundtrack, Yoko Kanno, made me discover several amazing singers such as Scott Matthews with his gorgeous voice.
I took the time to try some experiments in the choirs and at the end I think that the render worth it ^^

Vocals: Scott Matthew
Lyrics: Chris Mosdell
Music: Yoko Kanno