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Nov 03, 2013

Soul Monday


Julie Dexter live at the Music Village!! Yayy

Check out the Facebook Page!

I have the great pleasure to announce you that my first original song “Higuruma” is now on sale on several music platforms!!! Aheyyyaaa!!

I’m only a little egg still unhatched that I yet have the immense honour to possess my own website…

This one was use as the theme song of Michel Gondry’s movie : “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” The length of the title of both song and movie aside, this choice feels actually pretty right. It is a track melancholic and hopeful at the same time, it appears to me like a stubborn light within the deepest and coldest darkness. Just as the movie is.

It was a truly big time I’ve had working on this song just incredibly vast of potential. As my version is certainly not as good as the original, I still hope you’ll enjoy it. All thanks to you!

Jun 26, 2013


Here are new Artworks from Kodama.

I remember that this song haunted my mind for months. I wanted to bring in it a jazzy touch, and it was a real fight, I let you tell me how the result sounds :)
I spent some awsome time making the video clip with Benjamin, the recording was so fun!

My collaboration with the japanese producer Grand - ynproject.
It's a very sensitive track that I had the privilege to translate and interprete in french.

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