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May 11, 2013

Covers set

May 03, 2013



It was a real challenge that this song from the Bossa nova Master, Jobim!
The Event took place in "Le cercle des voyageurs", Brussels, examination for my first year singing class with Célia Tranchand.

Showcase december 2011.
One of the song that cradled my childhood.

Is it a shame to cover a cover? :p

Artwork from my invaluable Benji, visual producer ;)

Would had been so nice to recod it there... But you know money issues! ;)

In the memories of the victims from the tsunami.

This song totally blow me when it was released.
I really wanted to make a piano cover.
So sorry for the bad audio quality.

Challenge on "The Voice Belgium", quick but worthwhile experience that was a turning point in my life.
Interpretation: Bad things from Jace Everett

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