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Here is a cover from the japanese anime "Ghost in the Shell".
The composer from the original soundtrack, Yoko Kanno, made me discover several amazing singers such as Scott Matthews with his gorgeous voice.
I took the time to try some experiments in the choirs and at the end I think that the render worth it ^^

Vocals: Scott Matthew
Lyrics: Chris Mosdell
Music: Yoko Kanno

Oct 15, 2013


The solar wheel. In japan that's how the sunflowers are called. Summer 2012, I was travelling in an unknown japan.

I work right now on a cover of The Korgis’ great song “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime”.

Jul 12, 2013

The sound

There is no other boundaries but that of consciousness, and beyond this limit extends indefinitely the whole universe.

Apr 24, 2013


Here are the videos

Apr 24, 2013


Here are the pictures

Apr 24, 2013


Here is the music

Apr 24, 2013


Here is the blog

Apr 26, 2013


Jun 26, 2013

Listen to this!

 Life As It Is” from the jazz pianist and composer Ivan Paduart. The matchless beauty of this piece is a drug, I think it is the song I listen the most lately!

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